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August 17, 2010

Pentagon: “Be Afraid Of China!”

Filed under: 25% solution — Tags: , , , — Walter Ebmeyer @ 7:40 am

Thom Shanker’s article in today’s Times tells us that mysteriously anonymous figures “throughout Washington” are worried about Chinese military growth.  The lesson of course:  don’t cut military spending.  But the article is woefully short on facts.  It estimates that China will spend $150 billion on defense this year, a volcanic increase of 7.9%!  Meanwhile US military spending approaches $1 trillion.  The fact that China has between three and four times as many citizens as the US is not mentioned.  Nor is there a word about the huge numbers of US troops and weapons in Japan and Korea.  We’ll see a lot more of this scare-mongering as 25% grows in popularity.