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November 24, 2010

25% Solution Has A New Name

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The national organization working to drastically cut military spending and make funds available to our communities has been called “25% solution” and “move the money” and “safe security” and a few other things.  But it has adopted the name “New Priorities” because it wants this country to readjust its priorities to provide adequate funding for daycare centers, libraries, firehouses, hospitals, bridges, mass transit, green energy and to stop wasting our treasure on wars and weapons. So “New Priorities” is now a category in the list on the right and clicking on it will take you to articles on the subject.  The New Priorities Network’s under-construction website is

Forward Single Payer!

This important meeting of the World Health Organization went right over the heads of the US media, but our Canadian friends wrote it up.  The important thing is that the WHO is calling for universal health care everywhere, including the USA.  Single Payer fans should not give up hope.  Colleagues in Vermont and California are very near to enacting a single payer law in their states and asking the Congress to grant a  waiver to permit them to ditch the recently passed “Health Reform Act” and put in a system that will work.  If you want to know more about this movement and steps being taken in Pennsylvania to get us single payer, go to