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March 7, 2011

Save The Mets!

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What are Casey Stengel and the Mets doing in a blog about politics and such other serious subjects?  Well, Bernie Madoff and his bankster friends got the beloved Mets into a sea of fiscal troubles, and Stan Isaccs, legendary sports columnist of Long Island’s Newsday, suggests the solution is to issue an “IPO of the Heart,” a chance for all New Yorkers to buy stock in the franchise.  They do it in Green Bay!  There were more than a few of us rooting for the Packers in the recent Super Bowl because of their public ownership.  And it worked!  So LET’S BUY METS!

The Boomers Are Coming

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Dave Lindorf’s article suggests that if social security was the third rail of American politics in the past, the arrival of the baby boomers at 65 is going to up the voltage considerably.  And what we’ve seen in Madison of public employees demanding their rights will become even more heavily populated as boomers demonstrate for not just a social security system defended from the banksters, but a system greatly improved and including expanded Medicare coverage for boomers’ children and grandchildren.  Look out for that walker!