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April 1, 2011

Is This How How You Want To Spend Your Money?

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Members of Main Line Peace Action and DelMont Progressive Democrats of America put together a Power Point presentation on how military spending is screwing around our priorities and our domestic needs.  This has now become an eleven-minute YouTube video here:  We hope you’ll look at it and forward it on to your friends.

Death Watch Noon Today

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Friends – The United States continues DRONE BOMBINGS IN PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN AND YEMEN, AS WELL. We walk with a picture of drone bomber and hand out leaflets to inform people on the street that this is being done in our names and with our money. We oppose the wars and all bombings.

We will do the DEATH WALK on Saturday, April 2, 2011, from 12 – 1:00 p.m., meeting at 12th & Market. Wear BLACK, we will bring plain white masks and we will be sure to have some extra masks but it would be helpful if you rsvp just to be sure. Contact us at or reply to e-mail. One person will hold a sign, others will pass out leaflets. They will not wear the mask. We will continue to carry signs opposing U.S. DRONE WARFARE and TERRORISM, which is the killing of civilians.

We are now part of a national campaign against DRONE WARFARE.

We will be walking in the manner of a SILENT DEATH WALK to bring attention to the wars and the victims in Afghanistan , Pakistan . (Possibly expanding ground war there) PLEASE WEAR BLACK OR DRAPE BLACK CLOTH IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETE OUTFIT. This is to keep some uniformity. We will also have a drum this time.

Peace, with hope that you will join us and bring friends. Marge VC p.s. It is helpful if you rsvp so we have enough MASKS.

p.s. In case of heavy rain, we will stand under the building at Reading Terminal Market as we did another day.

Six Signs The Revolution May Be Near

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We don’t often quote the Wall Street Journal, but here’s Market Watch’s Paul B. Farrell spelling out what we can expect if we don’t start properly taxing the rich.  The situation now promotes widespread economic misery and wealth inequality.  We’re told that the one hundred richest families in America have more money than the bottom 40% combined.  Something’s got to give.