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April 2, 2011

Where Does The Money Come From?

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This page from the National Priorities Project stresses some important facts.  There is a clear distinction between FICA (Social Security and Medicare) and income tax [though both show up on your pay stub].  Enemies of Social Security like to cloud this difference.   And there’s a difference between debt and deficit.  A quick and valuable read.

January 20, 2011

The Nurses’ Message For The President

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Call the White House at 202-456-1111.   Stand up!


December 10, 2010

An Attack On Social Security

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The scheme concocted by President Obama and the Republicans to cut payments to Social Security is a trap.  As this article makes clear, Republicans are well aware that once Social Security taxes are cut, it will be extremely difficult to restore them to where they belong – especially in an election year!  If the point of this exercise is to stimulate the economy, that can be done much more easily by increasing the Make Work Pay program that is already in place.  But this move ends Social Security’s spendid isolation and mixes it into the regular budget where it can compete with education, health, defense, and so forth.  This is a terrible idea.

December 2, 2010

Look Out For The Nurses

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Nurses across America are objecting to the Deficit (Catfood) Commission’s scheme to extend the Social Security retirement age to 69 or so.  That age may make sense for some deskbound paperpusher, but it will be extremely hard on teachers of young children and people who work with their muscles.  And the nurses do that! Paste the link to your browser.

November 21, 2010

Letters About Social Security

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Sometimes the letters to the Editor of the New York Times consitute some of the best thinking and writing.  Today’s letters about Social Security seem to fit that description, and you are urged to read them and contemplate their collective wisdom.

October 22, 2010

The British Budget Cuts And Our Security

Pay close attention to what’s going on in the UK.  The relatively puny cuts in military budgets there will mean larger cuts in domestic programs, and if the Republicans win on November 2, we can expect attacks on Social Security here. And even if the GOP doesn’t win, the Catfood Commission will probably avoid military cuts and endorse cuts to Social Security.  We need the 25% solution. Paul Krugman today in the Times ( also talks about the Brits misguided program which seems to be getting its advice directly from Andrew Mellon.—wi_b_771570.html?ref=email_share

October 16, 2010

Tell The Catfood Commission What You Think

The President’s Deficit Commission (popularly known as the Catfood Commission)  has been hearing from organizations and experts since April.  Now, as they begin their deliberations, they need to hear from all of us:

1.  Don’t extend the tax breaks for the wealthiest households.  These tax cuts were the largest contributor to the deficits that accumulated between 2001 and 2007.  Not extending them will save $1 trillion over the next 10 years,

2.  Cut Pentagon spending substantially.  This is the “25% solution.”  Use the recommendations of the Sustainable Defense Task Force to bring Pentagon spending in line with what our nation actually needs and can afford.

3.  Invest in programs that create jobs, assist those hardest hit by the recession, and take care of our elders – on whose shoulders we stand – and children – who will create our future.

Do not try to the cut the deficit by cutting social security and medicare.

Tell your neighbors how you feel, and tell the Commission.  E-mail them at

October 5, 2010

Help Bernie Sanders Save Social Security

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The Catfood Commission will probably ask Congress during the lame duck session in December to cut Social Security benefits.  Call your congressman – 202-224-3121 – and tell him to join our favorite senator in stopping this robbery.

August 27, 2010

Protect Social Security

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From our friends in Beaver County, PA-04, in the western end of the state.  Demanding support for Social Security – no cuts in benefits, no changes in start age – should be a major subject at our next Brown Bag vigils.

August 24, 2010

Letters About Social Security

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We often find that some of the best “op-ed” pieces in The Times are letters to the editor.  These were published August 23 and make some excellent points.  Our favorite senator, Bernie Sanders, says all we have to do is seriously raise the payroll cap and we can make Social Security safe for at least 75 years.  Is anybody listening?

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