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July 6, 2010

“The Usually Sacrosanct Defense Budget”

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Columbia Journalism Review talks about The Sustainable Defense Task Force and the shocking story it tells about the lack of audited controls on Pentagon spending and the usual failure of the press to cover it.  This is the investigative group set up by Congressmen Barney Frank and Ron Paul in their efforts to cut military spending.  There is a link in the article to the Task Force’s report, all 56 pages of it.

June 15, 2010

Our Navy Exceeds The Next 13 Navies Combined

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Defense Secretary Gates talked about this in a recent speech, and Barney Frank has proposed cutting a trillion dollars out of military spending in the next few years.  This article makes some comparisons that are shocking.  The only plausible explanation for such spending is the greed of defense contractors.  [Highly recommended: George Bernard Shaw’s “Major Barbara” with Wendy Hiller and Rex Harrison]